EnvIM Urban Workshop in Turin

How to imagine a sustainable urban future for a fairly deprived area ? What are the social, spatial and environmental implications of a new ecology-oriented strategy for the transformations of a specific district ? How a car-oriented city can become the hub of a new ecological modern paradigm ?

These were the main questions the ENVIM students had to deal with during their urban workshop in Turin.

During one week, they explored the district of Aurora, a former industrial area closed to the city center, which has undergone major urban crises over the last 40 years.

With the support of researchers from the Politecnico di Torino – Aurora Lab, Politecnico di Milano, ISIGE Mines Paris-PSL and the kind contribution of the Circoscrizione 7 that hosted them, the students were asked to work for the 2030-2050 urban agenda of the district.

3 groups were tackling various facets of the ecological transformation of the district :

☑ inclusive urbanism
☑ healthy urbanism
☑ net-zero urbanism

Within a week, and in a charrette-mode of functioning, they all developed an empirical, evidence-based and thematised diagnosis of the district, before suggesting a new strategic concept and a plan of actions that should sustain this strategy.

Last Friday, they presented their work and suggestions in front of the City of Turin, a local NGO : Fondazione Communità di Porta Palazzo and other urban researchers working on the district, sparking intense and promising discussions.