Portrait d’étudiant EnvIM option Asia

Let’s discover Pietro Mantovani, EnvIM student Asia option 

Climate change and relative measures to mitigate and to adapt to its impacts represent the most important challenge that our whole society is facing and I want to be an active part of it, but with the proper technical skills.

1. Where are you from Pietro ?

I come from a Economic background, a master providing students with a solid training, emphasizing rigorous analytical thinking and advanced quantitative methods, with courses such as Econometrics, Microeconomics for Finance and Statistical Learning.

I chose the latter path, arriving at the Credit Risk Analyst role I  occuped in Santander Corporate and Investment Banking. My role allowed me to observe the main market drivers, and it is through these that I came closer to a greater understanding of how climate change is impacting the industries that I covered.

Environmental degradation, depletion of natural resources and the associated losses in biodiversity are presenting multiple, interrelated challenges. Issues such as water scarcity, deforestation and unsustainable agricultural practices, waste and pollution are increasingly impacting business and investment activities. As food system has a very heavy carbon footprint, my analysis is increasingly integrating key aspects such as land use and deforestation.

Remaining on the food and food security issue, if we just consider the impacts that climate change has and will have on agricultural productivity, and the relative implications for feeding a rapidly growing population, we get a measure of the magnitude of the challenge ahead.

We are literally talking about changing the consumption habits of billions of people and changing the production habits of hundreds of millions of producers.

Inequalities generated by climate change are massive. It is a fact that droughts and floods hits poor and marginalized communities first and worst, causing enormous damages to already fragile economies. People in low-and lower-middle-income countries are more likely than people in high-income countries to be displaced by sudden extreme weather disasters.

2. What are your main motivations for this Post Master application ?

After working 4 years in the investment banking industry, I decided to turn my professional career around by joining the Mastère Spécialisé EnvIM, inseptember 2022.

As a financial analyst working within a leading international banking group, I’m in a privileged position to see how climate change  is becoming more and more prevalent within the day-to-day of the financial industry, and how sustainability is being increasingly integrated.

I believe that topics such as climate change and related energy transition, the management of resources such as water and land, must be delegated to people with the proper knowledge. Furthermore, the more I go on with my career, the more I realize that to have a real overview of these problems I need to think differently, interacting with people with other perspectives and backgrounds.

3. What are your professional goals and career project?

My goal is to integrate more sustainability in my future professional career and projects. I want to establish myself as an expert in environmental management field. I want to learn how to assist companies to manage their sustainability trajectories, taking project management responsibilities and leadership roles.

I want to become an attractive future candidate for companies in France or around the world, having interdisciplinary skills on the analysis of long-term pathways and policies related to the national, regional and global food and land use, forestry, water management, biodiversity, waste and circular economy, helping companies towards their transformation in line with the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement and their race to net zero emissions.