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    2nd SMBG 2023

    The Mastère Spécialisé EnvIM is designed for young graduates holding a master’s degree or young professionals who wish to complete their curriculum with a specialization for ecological transition, to be part of  the management of environment and energy issues and solutions, in an international context. Participants in this training program, which is based on an innovative and practical pedagogy, will have the rare opportunity to study from local and international players in Europe and Asia, thanks to the wealth of many case studies, and to the industrial partners and experts involved in its lectures, workshops and projects.



    EnvIM is the result of a 16 years of experience with international and european partners, leading to the International Post-Master’s Degree from MINES Paris PSL, Mastère Spécialisé certified by Conférence des Grandes Ecoles CGE.
    EnvIM program is proposed through options organized with a common core program in France, the program is offered in english language. Participants can benefit from the variety of backgrounds of students coming from various countries and various initial academic pathways, creating a multi cultural context for studying together and sharing experiences. The common core program deals with all the challenges for ecological transition, using systemic approaches and tools for decision makings.

    • “option EnvIM Asia” is a 14-month program  designed in cooperation with Tsinghua University, offering students the chance to develop new skills through France and China, through a rich generalist pathway on environmental management.
    • “option EnvIM World” 12-month in France, a program designed for students having a professional project in relation with international challenges of environmental issue.

    These programs offer students various opportunities to clarify and nourish their professional projects in an international context, acquire new competencies and experiences for environmental and energy transition, with the help of many case studies. They will learn and apply new knowledge’s, unfolding new abilities, depending on their aspiration during 6 month internship in a company.

    Small groups and high rate of Professors per students eases a close guidance for each student during the academic period and the period in the company as well.

    EnvIM Asia : a semester in China
    In partnership with the University of Tsinghua School of Environmeent and in association with the University of Pennsylvania. Prior the common core semester organized in France, this option offers a semester of 3.5-month in Beijing (sept-dec). The School of Environment of Tsinghua provides a scientifically based and high quality education for sustainable development and environmental protection, in a country facing global environmental challenges in a context of rapid and materially intensive  economic growth.
    During this Autumn semester are covered the following topics: Waste management, Water resources management, Air pollution, Environment management and policies in China, Low-carbon technologies and management, Ecological quality assessment, Industrial ecology and circular economy and Chinese culture and language. A long project conducted by Mine ParisTech is organized in China.

    EnvIM World is 12-month program designed for students motivated to an international career,  young professionals having an first international experience, wishing to learn about best practices, new knowledge’s and competences for their future professional careers in an international context. EnvIM World consists of the 4-month common section in Paris, and a month dedicated to an international Project on one topical environmental issues.

    EnvIM common core program
    The EnvIM core program organized by MINES Paris is mostly  innovative blended learning sessions. Students work in teams on many case studies and real projects developed in cooperation with experts, leading industrial companies, consulting firms or NGOs with an expertise on energy, water and infrastructure projects. Transition is not only an environmental issue, englobing energy transition, taking into account planet boundaries, but also with social consideration and fairness

    Key concepts: Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability development,  green energy project management, planetary boundaries, climate and low carbon development, initiation to environmental legal and regulatory frameworks, tools for assessment and decision-making, life-cycle thinking, entrepreneurship in the environmental sector...
    Each project is unique and organized with dedicated lectures and teamwork. Some examples:

    • Geopolitic of water sharing,
    • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of a Large infrastructure project (hydropower, irrigation and water management)
    • Innovations and society for energy transition and climate adaptation on a territory (in Asia or Africa...)
    • Agro-ecology and challenges of feeding 9 billion people in 2050, new models and supply chains
    • Urban resilience and sustainable development
    • ...

    Internship and 6-month period of training
    Students must find and complete a 6-month internship between June and December in a company or an organization. The topic and main mission of this professional period is conceived and offered by a company, an institution, or a NGO, to solve some of their current issues relating to the environment, energy transitions or sustainable development. This is a chance for the student to build on his or her prior studies and to use skills recently acquired from the post-master's program by successfully carrying out a meaningful project in an international, professional setting


    Students may have a wide variety of backgrounds in natural sciences, engineering, business and economics, urban planning, political and social sciences, and the environment and sustainable development. A high English proficiency is required as the classes and projects are conducted in English. You have to fulfill one of the following conditions to be entitled to apply for EnvIM:

    • Young graduates holding a Master’s degree or equivalent degree.
    • Bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years of professional experience in environment or connected topics
    • University of Pennsylvania Master’s Degree students: one year of graduate courses is required, depending on options. Contact Sally Cardy or Dr. Yvette Bordeaux.
    • Tsinghua Master Degree students, contact Prof. MING Zhao (THU/SoE School of Environment).

    The admission period opens in January. The process for applications is the following :

    1. Pre-selection based on the application files – from January to April,  (earlier for students who need to apply for a scholarship, contact us)
    2. Written test and interview, conducted by a panel of professionals and professors, to get to know the applicant, his/her professional projects and goals, and to ensure coherence with each project and the program. Interviews can be held by video-conference for applicants out of France.

    Acceptance into this program is determined by academic achievements, motivation, test and interview. Note that admissions close by end of March for EnvIM Asia program.


    Cost for 2023-2024:
    The tuition fees and registration fees for the Asia option include one return trip from Paris to Beijing, and fieldtrips in China and France.

    • EnvIM 14-month program:         €14,000
    • EnvIM 12-month program:         €10,000
    • and registration fees €800

    Financing the program :
    Most students finance the cost of the program with their own funds or student loans. However, French banks generally require a guarantor located in France. In all cases, the 6-month period in a company or internship, is usually paid and provides students with extra financial resources. Under certain conditions, some EnvIM students may find and undertake an internship with a French industrial partner to work on a specific study. In some cases, (in France usually and for specific studies linked to R & D only) the Company pays for part of the student's tuition fees in EnvIM Program.

    Financing for international students: this joint program does not offer any possibility to apply for a scholarship directly, (except for the particular case of some Tsinghua Chinese students) and students have to contact “Campus France” in their country.



    The post-master EnvIM prepares for environmental professions in the broad sense, and possibilities depend upon each individual and professional project. Alumnis are working in various sectors such as water or waste management, energy, circular economy, urban development, territorial development, in large companies, as well as small enterprises, start ups, public institutions and NGOs….
    Some example of positions : Environmental manager in an international context, Engineer Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development Manager or Consultant, Environmental research Analyst, Sustainability analyst, Green Business Development Manager, Junior project manager for green development…

    Hiring rates :
    EnvIM students reaches excellent hiring rates – more than 50% find a position before graduation - and quickly integrate leading industrial stakeholders. All students benefit from ISIGE and MINES Paris Alumni Network to move into top-management jobs, either in France or elsewhere.


    Alumni Association
    One important asset of this Post-Master’s Program lies in its alumni network, through ISIGE Alumni, Mines Paris Alumni and Intermines. Created in 1864, the Mines Paris Alumni Network aims at representing the school in many countries, helping students in their administrative tasks, assisting the managing board in its strategic choices and enhancing the recognition of its programs. The Alumni Networks are administered by two associations: ISIGE Alumni and Mines Paris Alumni.

    France - Paris and Fontainebleau :
    Classes are mainly organized in Paris, but some projects and lectures are held in Fontainebleau. In Paris the school is located downtown Paris in the Quartier Latin (Boulevard Saint Michel), this area is a hub of cultural activity, museums and temporary exhibitions which animate the life of this district near the Seine river, providing so many opportunities for discovering life in France. Some lectures and projects are organized in the Institute ISIGE, situated in the Research centre of Fontainebleau in the city center and close to the castle and the internationally well-known forest.
    The Fontainebleau campus is connected to Paris through a direct train (40-minute train journey from Fontainebleau-Avon to Paris Gare de Lyon.

    France: The School does not take in charge accommodations in Paris. INSA Lyon provides helps for students during their stay in Lyon and the partners University in order to find accommodations on their campus.

    China - Beijing: Tsinghua University’s international residence office welcomes students admitted in this program: the average cost for an accommodation in Beijing for the 3 months is 1,200€ - 1,500€. The application process for residences opens in July each year.

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